Technical requirements

Technical requirements for HTML banners

1. Each banner should be archived as a ZIP file. All necessary for the work of the banner files must be included in archive. Exceptions are the libraries from paragraph 6.

2. Archive size must not exceed 150 KB.

3. All files should be placed in the same folder.

4. The name of the main file should be index.html and it should be only one HTML-file in archive.

5. File names may contain only: _, numbers and Latin letters.

6. All links in banner must not have any external network access, except for links to some of the basic libraries included in HTML5 development tools:

  • //*.min.js (Adobe Edge Animate)
  • //*/runtime.js (Swiffy)
  • // (Google Web Designer)
  • //*.min.js (jQuery)

The rest libraries should be located in the archive together with all the components of the banner.

7. The banner should contain a size meta tag in the tag. Example of code for 300x250 banner format:

<meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">

8. The banner must not contain the click events that lead to click-through or opening of new windows.

9. Counters of following systems are allowed to be used:

  • TNS
  • Turbine
  • Weborama
  • Sizmek
  • Gemius
  • Сomscore
  • Ad Doubleclick
  • AdFox
  • Adloox
  • MOAT
  • Other system – as agreed.

A parameter for protection against caching should be replaced with ![random].

Our DSP is integrated with AdRiver, so to eliminate double verification, AdRiver codes and pixels are not accepted. Your advertising campaigns are delegated from the DSP to your AdRiver account. This way, all statistics on the DSP campaign in your AdRiver account becomes available.

10. The banner should have visible frame. If the banner has solid or transparent background, partially black, partially white or have such frames, it should be enclosed in a frame of color, contrasting with the main background.